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Hank Green


This is something a little different. I wrote a parody of Hank’s song “Helen Hunt,” but it’s about Hank. Here’s the original. This is supposed to go with the Helen Hunt music. 


The first time I saw you was in your YouTube video
You were talking about what guys look for in girls, it’s different, though
I guess there’s no reason for insecurity
You pwned the guys who said there’s only one way you’ve gotta be

Hank Green, Hank Green
Whenever I see you on my screen
It’s the best thing that I’ve ever seen
At least of anything I can stream
Hank Green, you know I’m mad about you

I’ve been watching Sci Show just to see you talk, though
And now I’m wondering, can you be one percent nacho
If you’re already nachos then that would be redundant
Your wife’s name is Katherine, right? Well, Katherines are abundant

Hank Green, Hank Green
You know this song is really pretty clean
It’s not nearly as obscene…
Okay, now I’m just being mean
Hank Green, you know I’m messing with you =)

I started drawing you as an anglerfish
It was really weird, but now it’s established
And you liked it too so I guess I wasn’t wrong
And now I feel like you’re prob’ly gonna see this song

Hank Green, Hank Green
I’ve been feeling like I’m in a dream
Do you know how much you really mean
To me, maybe you can glean
Hank Green, you know I’m mad about you

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